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Courtesy of the family William Theodore Carney Jr. Carney responded in when the call went out for African Americans to integrate the armed forces during World War II. He joined what came to be known as the Montford Point Marines — named for their training facility at Montford Point, N. In , the men assembled in Philadelphia to commemorate their service by forming the Montford Point Marine Association. Carney became a faithful member, attending meetings through last September. In June , Mr. Carney traveled with his unit to Washington for the award ceremony. Carney was 18 in when he took a bus southward to join his unit at Montford Point, he said in an oral history. They were housed in segregated quarters near Camp Lejeune, where their white compatriots were billeted in relative comfort. The black Marines could only visit the base in the company of white military staff.

Marine Corps marks its founding in Philly in 1775

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Carney played the violin until he was 11, when his father died.

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William Theodore Carney Jr., 92, Montford Point Marine and leading Philly jazz producer

Mail icon Today is the th anniversary of the founding in Philadelphia of the U. Tradition holds that the corps’ birthplace was the Tun Tavern, then located at Water Street and Tun Alley, where the first marines enlisted. The tavern burned down in Current and former marines are expected to gather at Cookies Tavern, 10th Street and Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia, to raise a glass or two in honor of the corps.

Thompson was right — and the texts proved it.

There I finally said it and it just feels so much better. I just wanted to get it out: July 28th, at 6: So far, four people know. My best friend A , my close friend came out to her first. So, some back story. It physically hurts to be around him, which is quite often. This last year a friend of mine came out to me, and confided in me that she was slowly coming out to other people, too. And I was happy for her, I really was. But the every time she gushed to me about how well so and so was taking it, I felt like I was going to cry because nobody knew my secret, the secret I swore to take to my grave on my 11th birthday when I was still firmly in denial and praying nightly to God or whatever Thing was out there and possibly watching over me.

Maybe I was praying to myself. I ended up telling her over a text message because I was scared shitless to say it in person. I stuttered every time I tried to bring it up and my heart pounded so hard I started to worry about my health.

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To him, the accusers were disastrous witnesses, he told me. Again and again, his attorneys hammered on those inconsistencies, an issue prosecutors blamed on the passage of time. The defense portrayed the women as habitual liars who had colluded to craft a grand fabrication. Five times during his opening statement, Marine Maj. Joseph Grimm called Thompson a victim. It was hard to understand, however, why two women with so much to lose would have concocted such a harmful — and, for them, shameful — falsehood.

She then recounted feeling Thompson penetrate her, throwing up afterward and stumbling back to her dorm room. Stadler had to go even further, not just detailing that night, but also her other alleged liaisons with Thompson: Sarah Stadler Still, Thompson maintained that they had conspired against him, and he offered me his theory of why during a meeting at a Starbucks. Thompson said he suspected that after she stopped by his home that evening to use the bathroom, the woman had hooked up with another man in her same company — despite an academy rule that prohibited such students from dating.

When the ex-boyfriend confronted her, Thompson conjectured, she made up the story about him, then persuaded Stadler to back her up.

Marine colonel on Joint Staff arrested in Florida prostitution sting

Source History Dating back as far as the 16th century, sailors sported tattoos called “tatus” in the Polynesian language and brought these tribal “souvenirs” from the Pacific islands back to Europe. Back in the day, sailors actually tattooed each other and had to make do with what they had. They presumably used gunpowder and urine for ink. It was thought that gunpowder offered the mystical powers of protection and long life. Nautical Tattoo Symbolism A large portion of maritime tattoos were: Work revolved around the unpredictable elements, and their lives were, therefore, always under luck’s mercy.

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When he walked out of the brig in the summer of , Thompson was focused on vindication, but his future remained in doubt.

William Theodore Carney Jr., 92, Montford Point Marine and leading Philly jazz producer

The record of our corps is one which will bear comparison with that of the most famous military organizations in the world’s history.

Traditional Nautical Sailor Tattoos: Meanings, Origins, & Ideas

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Carney was 18 in when he took a bus southward to join his unit at Montford Point, he said in an oral history.

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