Should military marriages include a ‘deployment sex pact’?

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Let’s be honest, we all have our times and if it comes down to it, I want someone for clean, sane, safe and drama free fun,’ one serviceman who said he was at Kandahar Air Field wrote. Military fatigues can be seen in the background of this personal ad, placed from Camp Eggers in Kabul This soldier, who posted a picture of his genitals hanging out of his military uniform, said he was located at Kandahar Air Field, a key U.

Deployment drags and gets boring here fast! That soldier said he was posted at Camp Eggers in Kabul. Retired Colonel Dr Elspeth Cameron ‘Cam’ Ritchie, a former Army psychiatrist, told the Marine Corps Times that soldiers have long solicited sex while overseas – both from local prostitutes and from each other.

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Vicki, I need your help or your advice in a hurry. I figured I had to do whatever necessary to keep my husband happy because there are many times when he is away for different schools, training and other things. Vicki, now my eyes are open to a new revelation. There is a military community of Swingers! Now my husband wants us to hook up with couples of all ranks across the military. I feel like this is going too far, but I want to keep my husband happy.

I know my mother would not be happy if she found out what I was doing. I just want me and my husband to keep our business between us and not let this spiral out of control. Then everything would be OK. We are already discussing boundaries with other couples, like discussing with each other before we are intimate with anyone. My husband would have to know who I am with sexually and vice versa. In six months, we have been with only two other couples, and so far so good.

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If a “man” had sex with a soldier’s wife while he was deployed

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I told him he had 10 minutes to drop her at home and report back to me.

With long, repeated separations between military husbands and wives, extramarital affairs become the norm for many couples. So, it was not shocking when news broke about four-star retired Army Gen. Nor is it surprising that Brig. She claims her husband participated in consensual sex. But for the military wife, cheating practically comes with the territory. And rather than ignore the lusty elephant in the room, some military couples have created their own defense against infidelity: I first heard about this unusual agreement a year ago, from a military wife.

She explained a deployment sex pact as an agreement between partners that clearly states what is acceptable sexual activity outside the relationship during deployments. For instance, a couple may deem oral sex appropriate, when it takes place while a soldier or officer is away on deployment. But those same acts, if done with someone other than a spouse on the home front, could be grounds for divorce.

My writing on deployment sex pacts ignited a firestorm of comments, both for and against the idea.

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For instance, a couple may deem oral sex appropriate, when it takes place while a soldier or officer is away on deployment. But those same acts, if done with someone other than a spouse on the home front, could be grounds for divorce. My writing on deployment sex pacts ignited a firestorm of comments, both for and against the idea.

This is a place for you to gain resources, vent, support others and celebrate our lives as military spouses, family and friends.

Series Description Army Wives is a 60 minute drama series on Lifetime about four Army wives and one Army husband and the common bond they share dealing with the daily life and challenges of a military spouse. Sometimes that bond is a tenuous one as each of the spouses has personal issues that they either can’t talk about, are ashamed to reveal or actually aren’t allowed to discuss. Denise Sherwood has an overly strict, “by the book” husband and a very angry son to deal with.

Claudia Holden’s husband is a Colonel so she often gets involved in military politics as it relates to the families of her husband’s men and of his superiors. Roxy LeBlanc took a bartending job at a bar that is known as a “Jody Bar” which means that civilian men go there to “hook up” with lonely military wives with husbands who are overseas.

She needed the job to supplement her low-ranking husband’s salary but few in the Army are understanding of her choice. Pamela Moran becomes pregnant with twins as a surrogate mother in order to get out of debt while her husband regularly goes off on top secret missions. Roland Burton’s wife Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton has returned from Afghanistan and is having trouble relating to life back in the States and life as a wife. Roland must be understanding of what his wife may have experienced in the war zone but it is often almost too difficult to withstand.

Army Wives Cast Catherine Bell Denise Sherwood Kim Delaney Claudia Joy Holden Wendy Davis Joan Burton Sally Pressman

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