CrossFit’s Annie Thorisdottir: is this the fittest woman in the world?

As we all know, if you are a member of a CrossFit gym, you are — by definition — all of those things. There will be jello shots! At the end of each round, there will be a couple minutes to do some ballistic stretching, get your headspace right, and check your eyebrows with your phone camera before the next round. At the end of the night, give your cards to me! You take it from there. How much is the event! Click on this link right now!! It takes you to EventBrite. Why should I even go!

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Share this article Share On his way: The workout began with 69 repetitions of everything from squats to pull-ups to deadlifts, and the repetitions have increased every year Killing it: The workout has become popular worldwide with the CrossFit community Getting to it:

Maybe since the bulk of my bodyfat that I do have hangs out here, or perhaps residual tension from doing a ton of wall-balls two days prior!

Tweet Share One of the fringe benefits of becoming a CrossFit devotee, besides rock-hard abs, is the possibility of getting a date between all those grueling sets of pushups, handstands, and burpees, at least for those who are looking. While it hasn’t been tracked empirically yet , reports are a plenty of CrossFit romances springing up, with devotees finding lasting love while sharing a mutual love for hard-hitting workouts.

Unlike jogging on lonely treadmills or swimming solitary laps in a pool, CrossFit is famed for both the social and the team atmosphere it creates as well as its dedicated followers, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to have multiple opportunities to strike up conversations. But not only do CrossFit followers have a chance to meet someone in their local box CrossFit-speak for gym , they can sign on to any number of online CrossFit dating sites to get connected. Coming up July , California welcomes the Reebok CrossFit Games, the final competition in a series in which the world’s fittest, who have triumphed in regionals and sectionals around the world, come together to compete for grand prizes.

This year’s CrossFit Open, an early qualifying stage for the Games, attracted nearly , participants around the globe.

CrossFit’s Annie Thorisdottir: is this the fittest woman in the world?

Her role as ambassador for the brand also involves working closely with Reebok on the fit, form and function of its sportswear, and helping shape the development of its products. CrossFit was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in , by Greg Glassman , a former teenage gymnast who discovered that by using dumb-bells and a bar-bell he could become stronger than gymnasts who were working with their bodyweight alone.

The appeal, Thorisdottir believes, lies in the rapid, tangible results. Everyone is competing against themselves. Perhaps surprisingly, given the raw, almost ascetic feel of the gyms and the emphasis on weight-training, CrossFit is extremely popular with women.

This comes, Thorisdottir explains, from a company that prepares and delivers nutritionally balanced meals, in exchange for mentions on her social-media streams.

Email CrossFit advocates are known for their borderline masochistic approach to fitness. Chains, tires, and loaded barbells are all part of a grueling training process in which athletes are constantly asked to push their physical and mental limits. But to many, it might seem like the constant quest for CrossFit greatness neglects a focus on fundamentals. Unless you talk to the pros.

We asked five CrossFit diehards to give us the single move they think is most important to hone and perfect. Their advice may surprise you. This compound blend of a push-up, plank, and squat—performed at high speeds—will quickly humble the best, says Khalipa. The burpee builds endurance and strength all at once. It cranks up your heart rate and targets your entire core, as well as engages major muscles like your quads and glutes.

Why He Chose It: The burpee can be done anywhere you have a few feet of open space on the floor.

CrossFit Workout

Tragedy struck Sunday while Kevin Ogar, a coach at a CrossFit gym in Denver, was performing a ‘snatch’ – a staple move in the sport that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and sprinting. Scroll down for video Modern-day gladiator: CrossFit athlete Kevin Ogar, pictured here lifting lbs, was left paralyzed from the waist down while competing in California Fateful moment: Ogar center is shown lifting hundreds of pounds of weight in Costa Mesa Sunday ‘Freak accident’:

I do not deny that poor choices have been made by fraternity and sorority members over the years — and most especially recently.

That is, with the exception of Mathew Fraser. Runner-up in the CrossFit Games, here is a little bit about his roots in the iron game and more from the man himself — Mathew Fraser. How long were you strictly training for weightlifting before CrossFit, and can you tell us about that experience? Before starting CrossFit, I trained for weightlifting for 10 years. I started when I was about 12 years old. In , I broke my L5 vertebrea in two spots and had to receive surgery to fix it.

What inspired you to transition from one sport to the other? I started CrossFit by accident. I had retired from weightlifting, and didnt step foot in a gym for 4 months. During this time, I lost about 25 pounds and got fat, all at the same time. I decided I wanted to start weightlifting again casually just to get in shape, so I looked up a CrossFit nearby just to see if I could use their bumpers and bar. I started going in more and more often to lift, and every once in a while, the members would convince me to do one of their workouts.

After a while, I saw my potential in the sport and started training for it exclusively.

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This prevalent discouragement is a huge barrier to entry for women in weightlifting. I was motivated to lift heavy and look like whatever I was going to look like. I appreciate my body for the first time in my life. I knew that I needed a community and a coach.

If you could, would you outline your general training for an average week?

Ben January 20, at Calluses and muscles are Some of the best parts of a woman. I think I truly learned that when I finally got back into crossfit. I am sure there are plenty of successful couples that only one partner Crossfits, but there seems to be much more compatibility when both people do! Kathleen January 23, at 3: So, I googled covering my eyes right now crossfitter dating non-crossfitter and this came up in my search. I swear, I fill like I wrote this.

Plus, it really is hard to date a non-crossfitter. They just have a hard time understanding why I eat so late, or so much, tons of bacon, torn up hands, excitement about a OHS PR let alone know what an OHS is , and only meet out for drinks because most food is not paleo-friendly. Oh and I may share this as well! They joke Crossfit is a cult, but really, in ways it is. You do seek someone who has similar beliefs to you, and I think Crossfit is no exception!

I became single a couple weeks after joining Crossfit, so Crossfit became my outlet for everything.

CrossFit’s Annie Thorisdottir: is this the fittest woman in the world?

I do talk about my weight in this post and specifics about my physique, so if you are sensitive to that type of content for whatever reason, please skip this post. I blogged about my 7 tips for adjusting to a new city here. The Metro coaches were also super friendly and very helpful to someone new to CrossFit like me. When I first moved back, I was doing CrossFit x a week and running only , mayyybe 3, times a week, with total mileage around 10 miles a week.

My average weight when I was running miles per week was somewhere between pounds.

I spent a few months in Barbell Club doing Olympic lifting, and a few more pulling cars and flipping tires for Strongman.

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